Rob Moss Wilson 

I have a new show up at Gospel Flat Farmstand Showspace from April 13–28, 2024. 

Opening on April 13 at the Gospel Flat Farmstand Showspace in Bolinas. 4–7pm, with music by my buddy Sean, aka Cool Maritime.

The Farmstand is open every day, so come by and see it if you can! Dawn til dusk.

You can find the paintings for sale here in the Internet Painting Store.

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>>> Read an interview about my work on the website It’s Nice That.

>>> Got a sweet little mention in this New Yorker article about Tart Vinegar and my cool friend Chris. 

Big Lunch ~ ~ ~  Poetry book and cassete tape box-set with sounds by Cool Maritime, available now from Touch the Plants. <-- Click here

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Rob Moss Wilson lives by a creek in downtown Martinez, California. He keeps several cauldrons of creative juices on a perpetual simmer, including but not limited to: writing small poems about mundane ecstatic experiences, painting landscapes and picnic scenes, kinetic light sculpture performance, and drawing anything that he fancies.